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Ms. Gianna Pinotti.jpg

Ms. Gianna Pinotti
Room: 204
Ext. 234

Diana Hayashibara.jpg

Ms. Diana Hayashibara
Room: 205
Ext. 235

Mr. Patrick Foster.jpg

Mr. Patrick Foster

 Room: 206
Ext 236


missing-First Name RODRIGUEZ.jpg

Ms. Alma Rodriguez

Room: Library
Ext. 245



Mr. Ivan Eisenhower
Child Nutrition
Ext. 246

Grandparent Program

Paula Yarr.jpg
Yard Supervisors / Facilities Maintenance

Recess Coaches/Facilities Maintenance/Aides

Lorraine Selvaratnam.jpg

Mrs. Lorraine Selvaratnam
Campus Supervisor


Ms. Jenny Job

Recess Coach

Mrs. Charlotte Linck.jpg

Ms.Charlotte Linck
Recess Coach

Patti Waldron.jpg

Mrs. Patti Waldron
Recess Coach

Ms. Valentina Velasquez.jpg

Ms. Valentina Velasquez

Aide Room 3
Ext 203

Mrs. Fatiha Bouhmama.jpg

Ms. Fatiha Bouhmama
Recess Coach

Iliana Jimenez.jpg

Iliana Jimenez

Aide Room 6
Ext 206

Mrs. Martha Buendia.jpg

Mrs. Martha Buendia
RSP Aide

Ms.Leann Alameda.jpg

Ms. Leann Alameda

Aide Room 8
Ext 208

Guadalupe Elizarraraz.jpg

Ms. Lupe Elizarraraz


Day Custodian

Mr. Valdemar Suarez.jpg

Mr.Valdemar Suarez


Night Custodian


Jessica Hassani.jpg
Bonnie Head.jpg

Ms. Jessica Hassani
Ext. 217

Ms.Bonnie Head
School Psychologist
Room. 13

Ext. 213


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